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CALL – Keep those calls going! Call ICE Field Office Director David Jennings and share the following message with him:

Dial: 1-844-526-8492

[Phone Call Script]

Urge Director David Jennings to release Hugo Mejia (A#079-163-283) and Rodrigo Nuñez (A#079-220-673):

“Hello my name is ____________ and I am calling to urge that ICE release Hugo Mejia (A#079-163-283) and Rodrigo Nuñez (A#079-220-673), cancel their reinstatement order of removal and issue them both notices to appear so that they can be reunited with their families. Hugo and Rodrigo are longtime union members, dutiful family men, and active community leaders. They (nor anyone) should be targeted and retaliated against for trying to work to contribute to their community. They deserves to watch their children grow and go to school. I urge you to stop the deportations of Hugo and Rodrigo now.”

*NOTE: You do not need to give your full name or number.

TWEET – Tweet at ICE directly on Twitter. Make sure to use the #FreeHugo and #FreeRodrigo hashtags. Below is a sample tweet you can use:

.@JoinIUPAT Call @ICE Dir. Jennings tell him: release Hugo & Rodrigo Now! http://bit.ly/2uOBI0C #FreeHugo #FreeRodrigo #1uWeRise

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